Texier Back to School/College Bag – Wear & tear review

Hey Guys,

It’s already Back to School time, depending where you live and which school/college you are attending classes have started or will be starting soon. Finding the right school bag is essential to start off the school year just right.

USA yellow school bus in NYC

My first designer bag was actually a school bag! My mom purchased me a Longchamp travel bag similar to the current Longchamp Boxford travel bag. This bag held up for me through both junior high and  high school!

I guess that might be what got me  hooked on designer bags, their quality and staying power just doesn’t compare with cheaper bags.

But after all that hard use, it definitely needed a rest, and upon entering college – law school more specifically – I desperately needed another bag. My aunt and uncle were kind enough to give me the perfect college bag as a birthday present : a Texier all leather bag. It was  my first all leather designer bag! One of my favorite things about it was the luscious leather smell!

This French designer brand is often overlooked in my opinion. It was founded in 1951 by Mr & Mrs Texier in Bretagne or Britany, France. It has since become one of the leading French designer handbags brands.

These bags are very classic in design and stay away from cutting edge trends in order to focus on the chic and essential needs every one has in a work or school environment. If you are into showy pieces then this might not be the brand for you. But if you want your bag to stay relevant and stand the test of time then you’ve come to the right place.


This bag was my constant companion for all of my college years, all the way up to my masters degree! It certainly does look used but I feel it is still in decent shape for the amount of wear it has gone thru! What do you think?

It’s of course been long discontinued but the brand offers quite a few similar styles to choose from.



This bag is:

  • 16″ or 40.5 cm long;
  • 5″ or 12.5 cm in width at the bottom of the bag but it does taper at the top;
  • 12″ or 30.5 cm in height.

Shoulder Straps

This bag has a satchel kind of look but is more of a tote bag, and is carried over the shoulder. This is my preferred way to wear a bag by far.

texier handbag review danetigress leather handbaglover bag
Texier leather straps

It has two long shoulder straps that are quite comfortable as the strap drop is 17.5 inches or 44.5 cm. Strap drop is important for a school bag because you will be going across campus or from on class to the next and you might need to grab something out of your bag while on the move. A good drop will enable you to do so without have to set down your bag. You can easily reach into your bag while still wearing it.

I’m 5″7 for reference and this bag hits me at my hip.

The straps stay on the shoulder very nicely, I hate it when straps are constantly slipping off! It’s even more important when lugging around heavy books or your computer. The straps are also very pliable and soft leather. With use they get even softer.


texier handbag review danetigress leather handbaglover fashion beauty
Texier embossed logo

It features the Texier logo embossed on the front of the bag. The embossing is done with no colored lettering keeping with the subtle and discreetness of the Texier brand. You won’t spot the brand from a far, and if you like being low key with your designer pieces especially at school then this is the right brand for you.


danetigress fashion beauty backtoschool handbag review luxury leather
4 brass feet

This bag has four brass feet on the bottom of the bag. This is a great feature I love having in all my bags, but especially in school bags where I know they will be set on the class room floor, library floor etc… It will keep the bag from getting to worn or scratched up. The pipping around the bottom of the bag, helps with the durability as well.

Outside zipper pocket

danetigress fashion beauty backtoschool handbag review luxury leather
Back of the bag

This bag has a very large zipper pocket on the back. I love back pockets because some items you need to grab quickly without having to open your bag : yes I’m talking cell phones of course! This pocket is so large it can fit a phablet quite easily so if you are into big phones no worries here.

danetigress fashion beauty backtoschool handbag review luxury leather
Back zippered pocket

It can of course fit a full sized wallet. Here I’m showing you the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel wallet I reviewed on my blog. I also love that this bag pocket has a zipper so you can be extra safe with your most valued items.

Double zipper opening

danetigress fashion beauty backtoschool handbag review luxury leather
Double zippered opening

This handbag features a double zipper opening much like the Louis Vuitton Alma or Speedy B bags. A double zipper is a nice touch as it makes it very convenient to open and close the bag. You can use both zippers or only one, which is what I tend to do most of the time. But you can leave both in the middle if you like the aesthetic. The zipper pulls themselves are quite plain and simple.

The actual zippered opening is quite large as well, as the zipper goes all the way down both sides of the bag. With a school bag it’s important for it to be easy to get in and out of especially with bulky items such as notebooks or laptops.

danetigress fashion beauty backtoschool handbag review luxury leather
Large opening with zipper pulled all the way down on either side

It also features a leather gusset that will stop your items from spilling out of the bag when opened completely. This is the kind of attention to design and detail that you can expect from a designer brand. Bags need to look beautiful of course but if they are not practical or hard to use, then they will end up just sitting a shelf.

danetigress fashion beauty backtoschool handbag review luxury leather
Side Gusset on opening

The large opening counteracts the narrowness of the bag, so you can handily fit things in and out.

danetigress fashion beauty backtoschool handbag review luxury leather
Side of the bag

The bag itself is on the narrow side, which I really appreciate as you can carry it very comfortably and it doesn’t stick out awkwardly off your body. I hate bags that are cumbersome to wear especially since I love bigger bags! A good handbag should lay flat against your body.

Buckle Details

This bag has neat buckle brass details on the front corners of the bag that give it a satchel or messenger look. The brass hardware is understated and matte.

Buckle detailing

The straps also sport some nice buckle details. There is a screw or grommet detail that holds the strap to the buckle.

danetigress fashion beauty backtoschool handbag review luxury leather
Buckle and screw detail on strap

Inside the bag:

This bag has really been thought out for school and provides a lot of organization. I love this in a bag as mentioned in my review of my perfect work bag  : the Tory Burch York Buckle Tote. No need to use a bag organizer here either!

The handbag has three large slip pockets sown onto each other and along the back of the bag, made for holding documents or folders.

The Texier logo leather tab is found on the last of the three slip pockets. It is made in France.


It also features smaller slip pockets on either side of those larger ones with a three pen holders in the middle. The slip pockets can fit a smaller phone, though I always keep mine in the outside zippered pocket, a snack. The slip pockets each feature card slots that can store credit cards, or store cards, your student ID card etc.. If you don’t want to use a wallet you don’t have to and you’re still covered with the bag.

What fits?

The rest of the bag is the main compartment that can hold text books, a 17″ laptop as shown in the picture bellow. Of course using a larger laptop will take up a lot of the space of the main comportment as this is a bag on the narrow side. If you used a smaller laptop you’d still be able to carry a lot.

danetigress fashion beauty backtoschool handbag review luxury leather
17″ laptop fits

The bag fits large notebooks and files and folders for class very easily. A small umbrella and a bottle of water also fit just fine.

danetigress fashion beauty backtoschool handbag review luxury leather
Folders in the bag

Wear and Tear update – Cons?

This bag has been through a lot and has aged gracefully if you ask me. The lightly pebbled leather is very durable. Of course some scratches have marked the leather as you can see in the pictures above but I feel they bring character to the bag. I have not babied it one bit.

danetigress fashion beauty backtoschool handbag review luxury leather
Wear on the corners

The most wear shows around the corners of the bag and also on the bottom of the bag. But the stitches have held up fine, and there is no cracking or ripping of the leather itself.

If I had to state a con it would be that the handbag doesn’t stay upright on its own especially when empty. But that may not bother every one.

I really recommend the quality of the leather and the overall handbag. It’s pretty light weight for an all leather bag. It combines longevity, a classic silhouette and great design for a perfect school or college/uni bag.


Which back to school bag are you using?



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33 thoughts on “Texier Back to School/College Bag – Wear & tear review

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment! Yes I feel this brand should get more love it’s underrated in my opinion and makes really high quality products, I know you can get it in Europe but maybe not in the States. Where are you from?

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Love this bag! You did a great job at maintaining it! Love the look and it has a lot of the features I love, although I do like them to be able to sit up right it’s not a deal breaker. It’s so hard to find a bag with all the features I’m looking for and I have been looking! I actually gave up before the start of school and went back to a backpack I used 10 years ago, but after a week of use, it’s clear I’ll need to get a new one.

    Liked by 2 people

        1. Aww so sorry to hear that ! I hope you didn’t have your whole life in your bag and have to replace all your id etc
          I love coach and have reviewed the one I own on my blog
          Maybe you could go to a coach outlet for a replacement they have good deals there


  2. That bag looks amazing! I carried the pretty much just one bag through college and it…didn’t fare as well to say the least. Love your mani in the pics btw❤️

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I’ve been using this giant white structured pouch lately-found it in a local thrift store. Love it because it goes with everything! Think my next mani will involve dots now haha 🙂

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  3. Hi, just saw your blog through your instagram.
    Your Texier bag is one of their best model in the 90’s. Unfortunatly they are not really seldom making full leather anymore. It s all in nylon inside.
    As for this leather they are still reproducing it. They have stopped during 00’s because it has a too old fashion looking and the leather was too heavy for french people.
    An authentic french made bag. If you are still in Paris, we would be happy to show you the latest collection of this brand.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is so nice! I love the longer straps, it annoys me so much when bags have those stupid short ones that only let you carry it on the crook of your arm! I’ve been looking for a really good quality leather backpack so I will definitely browse 🙂

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