Louis Vuitton Pochette Clés – Key Pouch Unboxing & Review


If you’ve read my Michael Kors Frankie Crossbody handbag review, then you know that a small handbag requires some adjustment as to the types of small leather goods you can carry.

When looking for a small leather good, I find versatility is the way to go. The Louis Vuitton Pochette Clés or Key Pouch is the perfect example of a multi-use product. You really get your money’s worth here.

Cléfs Pochette

But let’s start with what you get : a pouch or purse attached to a key chain in a beautiful cardboard box with a silk tab to a pull out drawer. This box can be used to store the obvious your Clés but if you’re into boxes (I know my mom just loves them) then you can also reuse it for jewelry and such.

The Pochette Clés comes in a small cream colored dust bag with Louis Vuitton written on it. This will keep your piece in mint condition.

You also get your LV paperwork:


The pouch itself is :

12 x 7 cm (Longueur x Hauteur) ;
4.7 x 2.8 inches (Length x Height).

It’s small but still a decent size. It can comfortably fit your house keys or your car keys. However I don’t think it can fit both at the same time, as car keys tend to be bulky. Using it for its intended purpose is of course the first option that comes to mind. If you want to protect your handbag and don’t want keys to scratch it, then having a key pouch is handy.

LV Key Ring detail

I love the unique opening and closing mechanism of the actual key ring on this pouch. I hate classic round key rings that I find hard to use and are really bad your on nails (you can ruin a perfect mani in no time! :)). This key ring is actually not a ring : it’s a rounded rectangular shape that opens when you pull down on one side of the rectangle. It’s very simple to use. It’s engraved with the LV logo as well.

Even this feature has a double or triple purpose! It can naturally be used for your keys. It can also be used to attach the pouch to the D-rings commonly found in higher-end handbags. I love this as I hate having to rummage around to find my purse especially in my preferred larger sized handbags (see my Tory Burch York Buckle Tote review). But lastly this purse is the perfect size to fit in your jeans pocket when you don’t even want to mess with a handbag (granted that doesn’t really happen to me, but this review is meant to cover all the bases). If you want to be extra secure you can attach it to your belt buckle.

Used as a coin purse

Personally I don’t use it to hold my keys, but more as a coin purse. Which is the second way you can use this SLG. It’s the perfect size for holding your change and you can even fold a couple of bills while you’re at it. It is the perfect size to put in any clutch or smaller handbag as it’s also pretty narrow and won’t take up unnecessary space.

The third way you can use this Key Pouch is as a card holder. You can stack up to 10 credit cards and store loyalty cards in this little guy! Some people even have multiples of this SLG for just these different purposes. Bear in mind the more cards you stack the harder it will be to find the one you’re looking for. But you can store up to 15 cards pretty nicely.

Used as a card holder – 12 cards in total here

I don’t use it for my loyalty cards because I’m a bit of you geek, as you know by now, and have a great app, I’ll be reviewing that stores all your store cards in the cloud for you! You no longer need to bring them all with you every time you go out and/or think about them when you’re switching up your handbags. Your phone is enough. I will occasionally stick my credit card in along with my change though. Apple Pay doesn’t work everywhere and hasn’t arrived in France yet. :(.

The last way you can use the Clés is as a bag charm. If you love bag charms and if you’re into matchy-matchy then this could be the perfect compliment to another Luis Vuitton bag in the same canvas. Even if you’re not into matching items, I find the Monogram print goes with all the other Louis Vuitton prints.

Pochette Clés as a bag charm on the Speedy B 25

It has zipper closure with gold hardware and the zipper tab has the Louis Vuitton logo on it. The zipper glides open and closed with ease. I hate it when a bad zipper gets stuck constantly making it a hassle to get into your purse. I’ve also had the opposite happen to me, a purse with an unsecure zipper ending up with my change scattered all over my bag.

LV Zipper tab

The Pochettes Clés comes in different styles as per usual with Louis Vuitton: you have the Damier Ebène canvas (checkered dark brown and light brown), the Damier Azur canvas (checkered blue and white and more summery to me). I chose the classic Monogram canvas. I don’t like the Monogram print on large surfaces that much but I think it goes perfectly with smaller pieces, less conspicuous to me. The coated canvas with grained calf leather lining is one of the big sells for this purse. It makes it very durable and sturdy while still very classy, obvs! You can wash it very easily with a soft cloth and bit of soapy water. You can spill things on it and it won’t stain most of the time, though I don’t recommend doing this on a regular basis haha! The leather lining is hot stamped with the Louis Vuitton name and where the Key Pouch was made.

Made in France

It retails for 135 € or $200 and is one of the more affordable Louis Vuitton items. The cost per wear is very good on this item with its versatility.

If you want to treat yourself or gift a friend with a luxury piece but want to stay reasonable at the same time, this is the perfect compromise. If you are looking to start an LV collection, then this is the piece to start with in my opinion. Don’t forget the pre-loved market, if you know the product it is always worth checking out. I think it’s a great purchase with the great quality and craftsmanship ensuring you’ll be using it for years to come and the many ways you can use keeping you from getting bored with it!

What is your favorite SLG? And if you own the LV Key Pouch, what is your favorite way to use it?

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