The Perfect Wallet to Downsize : Furla Babylon Zip Around S

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If you’ve read my recent handbag reviews, you’ll know I’ve been into smaller handbags lately, especially during summer and vacation I enjoy crossbody bags. I’ve reviewed the Michael Kors Frankie Crossbody Bag, the Rebecca Minkoff 5 Zip Crossbody and my favorite summer bag the Kate Spade Cobble Hill Toddy in small.

My current wallet is the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Continental which is a full sized zip around wallet. I really do love it but I wanted to go a little more compact. A full sized wallet will take up  unnecessary space in your smaller handbag.

danetigress beauty blog fashion furla handbag review slg wallet babylon small
Furla Boutique in La Vallée Village, Paris

When I went to the luxury outlet La Vallée Village near Paris, I happened to go the the Furla boutique and fell in love with this small zip around wallet.

danetigress blog beauty fashion furla handbag review slg wallet babylon
Furla handbags

The gorgeous violet or Viola color just drew me in. Purple is one of my favorite colors, and it has the added benefit to pop against most interior bag linings, so as to make it easier for me to spot in my bag.


Babylon Wallet Features

  • Material: Saffiano Leather
  • Colour: Viola
  • Dimensions: 11(W) x 9(H ) x 2(P)
  • Zip around closure
  • Product Code:771921

A full leather wallet is always luxurious feeling. This wallet has leather both on the outside as well as on the inside.

danetigress slg fashion blog beauty furla wallet babylon leather review
Close up in sunlight

On the outside, is one of my favorite leathers : Saffiano leather. It’s got a great lightly textured surface that’s both nice to look at, and scratch resistant. A wallet has to be sturdy and is not one of my SLGs that I would be ok having to take extra special care. You need to be able to pull it in and out of your bag and not worry about the wear and tear. You’re going to use it every day so it has to be very good quality.

On the inside is a smooth leather, that might be a bit more prone to markings, I’ll have to make an updated wear and tear post along the way. It’s a nice and neutral taupe color. I like the fact that the interior is neutral because will a bolder color on the outside anything but a neutral might have clashed or just been a bit OTT.

The 1st credit card pocket has the Furla logo embossed at the bottom.

danetigress fashion blog slg furla babylon wallet review
Furla logo embossed in leather credit card slot

The zip around feature is one of my favorite for wallets. I feel it really helps the wallet maintain its shape and prevents it from becoming overly bulky or overstretched. The zipper keeps all my essentials nice and safe and easily contained in a sleek shape.

The wallet has the Furla logo embossed on the leather in gold lettering.

danetigress fashion blog furla babylon wallet slg review

This Babylon wallet features gold tone hardware. The zipper pull tab is gold with the Furla logo embossed. The zipper is quite smooth as well. I prefer gold tone hardware in my SLGs as it matches most of my bags, but that’s just personal preference.

danetigress beauty fashion blog review handbag furla wallet slg babylon

This wallet came with a drawstring dust-bag and a tag but no care booklet. Furla gives 2 year warranty on all their pieces.

Interior organisation

danetigress fashion blog furla slg wallet babylon review

This Babylon S wallet comes with a full sized bill section, which I really appreciate. I’m not completely adverse to folding my bills. I do it when I go even more compact in a clutch and use my Louis Vuitton Clés Pochette or Key pouch as my wallet. But if I can keep from doing it, I definitely prefer the ease of use of a bill section. You can store bills and receipts quite easily.

The bill section is lined in soft fabric with the Furla logo in light grey.

danetigress furla beauty fashion blog slg wallet review handbag

The wallet also features a coin pouch. I feel that a wallet isn’t complete without a way to store your coins, whether or not you end up using it. This coin pouch is also lined in Furla monogram fabric lining.


I know many people don’t keep coins in their wallets because they are afraid that it will make the wallet dirty. I totally understand where they are coming from but in smaller bags I don’t want to have to mess around with an extra SLG coin purse. On top of that I don’t consider myself as a collector, so I don’t want to purchase delicate items that I will have to worry about using. I take a lot of pleasure in using a luxury piece for sure, but the wear that they will have over time is the normal pay off for anything in life.

danetigress slg furla handbag wallet review fashion blog babylon

The coin pouch comes with a button closure. I usually prefer a zip closure but the button works  just fine and is engraved with the Furla logo. I love attention to detail that can be found in luxury pieces. The coin pouch has a small accordion, and can therefore accommodate quite a lot of coins. I try not to keep to many so as not to weigh down my bag. I also don’t want to make my wallet to bulky.

danetigress fashion blog slg wallet furla babylon review handbag

There is a very small slip pocket behind the coin pouch. Honestly it’s size is so small I don’t really know what I will be using it for. I guess a movie stub, valet parking or some sort of receipt. But even regular credit card receipts will have to be folded to fit in it.

danetigress slg fashion blog furla babylon wallet review unboxing

Then there are four credit card slots on the other side of the wallet. Four is a decent number is a smaller wallet. Especially if you double up. I think it might stretch out the leather, though and it would be a tight fit. I don’t do for this wallet. If you really need a few extra cards you could always fit them in the bill section.

Any Cons?

As mentioned I like zip closures better for the coin pouch but it’s not a deal breaker.

I think that the wallet could open a little larger, it tends to want to stay at least part way folded. Maybe it’s because it’s new and I have to wait for the leather to relax a little bit. I  only ever notice this when using the bill section, which gets a little harder to reach in and out of.

danetigress fashion blog furla slg wallet babylon review unboxing

My final thoughts

The Furla Babylon S wallet retails for 110 euros or 123,50$. But having purchased this from the luxury outlet mall, I only paid 50 euros for it. All in all I feel like it is a very good deal. I love the color and the smell of the leather. This Viola color is seasonal but a lot of colors come and go so you can check the Furla website.

The piece seems very well constructed and will last me a long time. I’ll keep you updated as I use it. It’s very lightweight and small but you still get the full functionality of a full sized wallet, and that’s wonderful. It’s not always the case with smaller wallets.

It’s the perfect smaller wallet to downsize into your smaller handbags! Here are some of the smaller handbags it can fit perfectly inside and that I’ve reviewed on this blog :


What is your favorite small wallet when you want to downsize ? I’d love to know, please comment bellow.



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5 thoughts on “The Perfect Wallet to Downsize : Furla Babylon Zip Around S

  1. This is such a great wallet! I normally can’t find women’s wallets that have the full billfold pocket without being clutch-sized. I normally prefer a men’s wallet for something more compact with less frills.


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