Perfect Fall Bag : Burberry Canter Horseferry Check Unboxing & Review

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I’ve always loved the Burberry brand with its classic English chic. I love travelling to London and do need to blog about it. So for my first high end bag purchase I naturally gravitated towards Burberry with the beautiful horseferry check. I’ve featured this handbag in my What’s in My Bag post, and as promised here comes the review.


I chose the Canter Horseferry check one of Burberry’s signature bags. When going with your first luxury purchase my advice would be to stick to classics. I feel you can’t go wrong and if for some reason you wish to resell the bag down the road, it will hold its resale value a lot better than a limited edition bag in some crazy color. I certainly don’t plan to resell this bag. I want to use and enjoy this bag for many years to come. Buying trending pieces can have the pitfall of dating your bag. It may be completely out of style the next season. A classic is a timeless piece you’ll be proud to wear for a long time.

I’m not saying there isn’t room for a trendy bag in any woman or girl’s collection but I wouldn’t advise it as a starter piece. I love tote bags which shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’ve read my previous reviews on the Tory Burch York Buckle Tote and the Coach tote. I love shoulder carry bags and a tote is great for using every day at work or school. I love horses as well (my Grandfather is from Texas), so this equestrian-inspired buckle with stud details tote bag just spoke to me.


It’s crafted in a rich combination of materials not the least of which is the canvas. I feel canvas bags get a bad rep which I don’t fully understand. A canvas bag is very lightweight which is important to me. I love bigger bags and stuffing them with stuff! If you start out with an empty bag that is already heavy then it starts getting complicated when you begin filling it. I want to avoid back or shoulder pain thank you very much!

If your life style has you using your car to get around then a heavier bag may not be a concern. But if you live in Europe and in major cities most of the time you walk or use public transportation to get around. Lugging a heavy bag will become an issue.



This bag comes in beautifully embossed tan bag with the horse and carriage Burberry golden logo. The bag didn’t come in a box to my surprise. It was purchased in the Burberry counter at the Galeries Lafayettes which is a French high end Department store (I featured this in my In Paris for the Holidays post). So maybe that was the reason?

The bag comes with a dust bag that has a nice draw string closure which seem to be a favorite in the fashion world, over the flap closures.


Finally it comes the receipt and proof of purchase in a cute tan envelope embossed again with the golden Burberry logo. Always safely store it away and keep it preciously you never know when you might need it.


The Canter in Horseferry check has the following features :

Size :

21 x 14 x 22cm/8.3 x 5.5 x 8.7in

Outer: 100% polyamide with calf leather trim

The horseferry check is the iconic Burberry pattern as recognizable as the Louis Vuitton monogram. This distinctive check pattern has become one of its most widely copied trademarks. It was created in the 1920s and used as a lining in its trench coats.

The calf leather is very smooth and luxurious but it will be a bit more delicate than other types of leather as discussed bellow.

danetigress handbag review burberry luxury handbaglover
Back view of the bag

My handbag was made in Italy as stated on the leather tab of one of the interior slip pockets.

Made in Italy leather tab

Lining: 100% polyester

The lining is polyester which isn’t the most luxurious lining but it’s quite resistant to wear. It’s  chocolate color is quite nice (have I mentioned I love chocolate?). This can be seen as downside because you can’t see the items as well against a darker colored fabric. This can easily be solved by using a bag organizer in a lighter color which is what I have done.


The date code can be found on a leather tab stitched to the lining.

Burberry Date Code

One interior zip pocket


This is a feature I always look for in a bag because I like the extra security it provides for a few choice items such as your wallet, keys or ID. I feel this becomes a necessity when you’re talking about tote bags. Totes by definition don’t close completely or at all. The openness of tote bags is not something that bothers me as I love being able to get in and out of my bag easily. I have the bad habit of not even zipping my bag closed if the zipper is too much of a hassle to work! However I always feel better if the bag comes with an option of extra security. This pocket at the back is a decent size for the bag, even if you can’t fit a full sized continental wallet in it. It’s definitely large enough to fit an iPhone 6 (though that’s not where I store my phone as I want instant access).

Two slip pockets


There are two cell phone type slip pockets on the front of the bag. That’s where I like to keep my phones of course. I keep miscellaneous items in the other but a compact fits, as well as tissue or gum. This is a feature I really appreciate in a bag. I love bags with organization, and if a bag doesn’t provide some, then I’ll be using a purse organizer for sure. Even with this bag, I use the purse organizer featured in my review.

Buckled shoulder straps


The straps are very pretty, thin with buckled details. They are adjustable which is a definite plus, so you can tailor the bag to your exact needs. I didn’t need to adjust mine. I was a little wary that the thinness of the straps would have them digging in my shoulder, but that wasn’t the case at all. The leather is very smooth and soft so it’s quite a comfortable bag to wear. The straps stay on my shoulder nicely too. Falling straps are a pet peeve of mine!


Magnetic closure


This bag features two closures options, but I’m focusing here on the magnetic closure. It’s decently strong and I appreciate how easy it is to use. No needs to make sure the two buttons are exactly aligned. The magnet does the work for you! There is Burberry embossed on the gold hardware, a nice finishing touch. But I know I don’t always bother to close it, as I use the clasp closure.

View of the bag closed

Clasp closure


Much like a Louis Vuitton Neverfull, this bag has a clasp closure except that instead of closing the two closest parts of the bag the front and the bag, it cinches in the sides of the bag to give it a more boxy shape. It’s versatile because it helps with the security of the bag as well as with providing a way to have a different look for the bag. It can either be worn unclasped, and look like a regular open tote. Or it can be clasped and resemble the shape of the Neverfull when the sides are tucked in and the leather pulls are cinched. That’s the look I prefer though I will say that it makes the purse smaller. When I need to carry a lot then I just leave it opened.

Finally with both those closure options, this bag is very secure for a tote without a zipper. If you are worried someone would be able to reach in and pickpocket you, be assured it won’t be the case. You would definitely feel it and getting an item out while closed isn’t possible.

Hand-painted edges

Polished metal hardware


The hardware is gold on this bag and it’s quite understated. That’s something I appreciate, you don’t necessarily want your everyday bag blinged out the max especially if you work in a corporate environment. Gold tone hardware happens to be my favorite as well.

Four feet


I love handbags that come with feet, especially if they are luxury pieces. I want to make sure the bag will be protected when I set it down, not on the floor mind you but on any surface like a car seat, a bench or a table.

Color : honey & tan

I chose the honey & tan color for the leather trimmings as I wanted to tie in with the haymarket check pattern. The tan is very easy to match to any outfit as it’s a neutral and goes with anything. I especially like it for the fall season.


  • Non coated canvas : while the canvas is durable and water resistant it isn’t coated so it’s not waterproof and is not stain resistant. I managed to get a lipstick stain on my canvas and am not sure how to remove it. Louis Vuitton coated canvas is more carefree in that respect.
danetigress fashion blog burberry handbag lover review
Lipstick stain on canvas
  • Non treated leather : the smooth leather used on this bag especially at the corners is not treated like Louis Vuitton leather in the Damier Ebene bags, nor is it the Saffiano leather that can be found on a lot of bags such as the Prada ones, Tory Burch etc. This leather while not as delicate as calfskin, is prone to scuff marks and scratches. It’ll show its wear and tear faster than treated or tougher Saffiano leather. This is the con to the pro of having a luxe smooth feeling leather on your bag.


  • Clasped closure : while the clasp closure is nifty feature, it can make it harder to take larger items in and out of the bag. Sometimes for convenience and quickness, I will unclasp it just to get a bulkier wallet out of the bag. It makes the bag smaller so you might have a harder time seeing all your belongings at a glance. This isn’t a con that you can’t get around but I wanted to mention it.


  • No D-ring : I think that all higher end bags should come with a D-ring. It’s just a feature that I expect in a bag as it’s so useful for organization purposes. There are a couple work-arounds in this bag.
    #1 You can hook your SLGs that have a lobster type clasp whether it’s your LV Pochette Clés or Mini Pochette to the clasped closure if it’s not clipped to close the bag. This option isn’t always available if you want to cinch your bag in.
    #2 You can simply hook your SLGs  to one of the thin handles. That’s when the thinness of the handles is a definite pro in my book! I do think this might add to the wear and tear of the bag, but I believe in items being used to meet your needs so I don’t mind regular traces of wear. It gives the bag its history!


I really love this tote : it’s classic and dressy but not too dressy. You can wear it to work or use it during the weekends with jeans. The pattern while pretty famous still manages to be less flashy than monogram in my opinion. It’s very convenient and gives you a luxury experience while still be very practical.

This handbag retails for 675€. It’s a great price because you get a lot of bag for your money. This isn’t a clutch or mini bag. If you manage to get it on sale at the Department store like I did you get an even sweeter deal!

What’s you favorite bag for fall? Do you own a Burberry, and if so which one?



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