Best HandBag Organizer !

If you love tote bags or hobo style bags then you might have already suffered from the black hole handbag syndrome ! Your bag seems to have become a bottomless pit where finding any ONE thing becomes Mission Impossible ! This was the definitely the case with my Coach Hobo Shoulder bag which I love.

Coach Hobo Shoulder bag
Coach Hobo Shoulder bag

Whether or not you’re a neat freak, having this nifty handbag organizer will change the pleasure with with you use your handbag, if not live your whole life! Well, I might be slightly exaggerating on the last part ;), but believe me I couldn’t live without mine. I was introduced to the handbag organizer world by YouTube beauty guru MakeupbyTiffanyD. She uses one that helps maintain the shape of her bag. That wasn’t an issue for me, so here is my choice :

The handbag organizer by a cute French company ChicaChicBiarritz, I purchased this thru Amazon. It comes with a cute ribbon tied to the handles, but keeping it real here, it fell off pretty quickly ;).

IMG_7650 (1)
The Front

It comes in different sizes but I’ve ordered the small one even though I like medium to large handbags. I wanted the option of having space left to stuff something sizable in my bag next to the organizer if need be. On top of that I wanted the insert to fit in smaller bags as well. One purchase : used in most of my bags!

Different sizes available :

S (21x14x8cm), (8.26’x5.5’x3.14′)

L (24x17x11cm),

XL (26x19x12cm) &

XXL (30x21x14cm).

This organizer is perfect if your bag doesn’t come with a lot of internal pockets, like the Tory Burch York Buckle Tote which I did a review on. This organizer provides a surprising range of storage options with 11 pockets including 3 internal ones. There is literally a spot for everything I need !

IMG_7860 (2)
Top View

The ample central compartment makes my Michael Kors Jet Set Contiental wallet easy to find. The full-length slip compartments on either side of this have relieved my wallet of being stuffed with shopping receipts. This central compartment also easily fits my Kindle, which I’m never without! The outer smaller pockets easily hold eye-drops, sun glasses, pens and other miscellaneous items that I usually don’t have an organized place for. The two back pockets perfectly fit my phones : I have a personal iPhone 6 and a work Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Back

What I love about it, is that even when mostly empty, it has no trouble holding its shape. It’s not going to cave in on itself at the bottom of your purse and become unusable.

It’s extremely light weight so it won’t add any heft if your bag is already heavy. It’s made of waterproof canvas that’s easy to clean and maintain in great shape. I’ve been using mine for a year, and you can’t see any signs of wear.

Another neat feature, are the two small handles at the top of the organizer. They make changing your handbags hassle free : all you have to do to transfer all your crap 🙂 from on bag to another, is grab the handles et voilà! If you happen to love handbags and have quite a few (;) maybe more than reasonable?), you know how tedious switching all your stuff can be. Once out of one bag, it slips back in easily since its fabric is slick.


The final feature I love about this organizer above a lot of others out there, is the handy extended key chain or coin purse hook. I love that you can attach your keys or your small leather goods, such as a Louis Vuitton Key Pouch, that have a hook fastening. The extended cord makes finding and getting yours keys out very easy. This compensates the lack of D ring your handbag might be missing. Love it !

IMG_7652 IMG_7859

The only improvement I could think of, would be to add inner zippered pockets, should you wish to secure some private or important items.

This doesn’t bother me overly much since all of my handbags actually come with zippered pockets to use. All in all this is a great product that I highly recommend.

In action !
In action !

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Do you have any tips and tricks to keep your handbag organized?



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10 thoughts on “Best HandBag Organizer !

      1. I walk with a cane and find a large cross body is good for carrying things because I basically only have one hand free. But the large bag tends to get full of junk and I can’t find anything. This will allow me to have my purse stuff all together with room for other stuff in the main bag. I can also easily switch to my smaller bags when I want a classier look and don’t need the carry space! I will be sure to let you know!


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