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Hey Guys,

Just a quick  post on one of my favorite apps : Bloglovin’. I’ll have to do a What’s on my iPhone post some time. I love tech and apps and have already reviewed my favorite fashion app : SytleBook; and my favorite beauty app :myBeautyCache.


Bloglovin’ can be found both on the AppStore and on the PlayStore. It is one of the best blog readers since Google reader got discontinued a couple of years ago, IMO. Unlike other RSS apps, it combines a blog reader and a social media platform all in one.

It’s also a great way to get your blog out there and increase your page views. I love discovering new blogs that come from different platforms than the one I use which is wordpress. I’d say that’s the biggest reason for my Bloglovin’ account. WordPress has a built in reader that helps you connect with other wordpress bloggers. But if you want to connect to bloggers on other platforms you need an app to achieve this.

I’d for you all to follow my blog on Bloglovin’ if you don’t already. I’ll be happy to follow you back!


Bloglovin’ lets you arrange your posts  in collections that can be filtered around your blog themes. I have a makeup collection, handbag and a travel collection you can check out.

Recently Bloglovin’ lauched a new service : Activate that claims to help you monetize your blog. I can’t really review this feature because it’s so new, but I’ll let you know in a couple months.

Which blog reader do you prefer ? Bloglovin’, Feedly or another?




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