My favorite beauty App : myBeautyCache !

I love my iPone 6 but I also just love Apps and I finally found the perfect beauty App for me ! It’s called myBeautyCache and it’s basically a makeup organizer.

Gone are the days when I used to painfully and slowly enter my make-up purchases in an Excel file. Now the process is fun and colorful and a lot more efficient. I had hesitated on using an Access table but I’m not very proficient at Access and it would have been even more time consuming without necessarily making the most of the possible searches.

Make-up organisation is a must for any beauty lover or make-up addict whether or not you blog for fun. With this app you can do searches and create subcategories and even get cost reports ! You can tailor it to your needs and your make-up collection.

  1. Knowing what you own

I use it to keep track of what I own, so I don’t end up buying the same things. After a while it just is almost impossible to remember every item of make-up you own (unless you have a genius memory- let me tell you it’s not the case with me haha 🙂 !). I don’t actually tend to buy the exact same product , although that might have happened, but I do go for the same colors. For example I love the color purple and I just end up with a lot of purple eye-shadow dupes.

Now I know that some people love dupes. If I am going to do a post on dupes it would be helpful, but I like to purchase dupes on purpose, not just end up with them randomly ! Call me crazy.

IMG_7457 Sort your make-up items by category : blush, lipstick, eyeshadow palette and sub category : cream blush, powder blush etc…
I love the fact that you can add photos of your products, it makes it great fun to scroll through your collection. It i also very customizable.

     2. Keeping track of expiration dates

We all know make-up has a limited shelf life. If you only buy a little makeup just to use it, you might not have this problem as you just keep replacing as you run out of something. But I am a makeup collector, and the thing that makes me happy is having the “best” or most “hyped” products of every make-up brand.

Don’t worry I’m not there yet and the best part is – I don’t think I ever will be – since brands are constantly coming out with the next best thing. And there right here is the magic. You don’t ever get bored.

But back to the main topic, when  you collect make-up you can’t all use it up before the expiration date creeps up on you. So knowing when a product has gone bad is always a good thing.

Manage your expired products
     3. Staying on top  of your budget

This app creates purchase reports by store, type of products or even by month or year. Here is an example of a report per type of store:

Keep track of your spending
Sometimes seeing the total amount of $$$ you spend a year on make-up can be sobering ! haha :). It can also put in perspective if you really need this new lip-gloss, or even kick-start a project 10 pan !

    4. Making easy to use lists

Do you ever wonder where a particular lipstick has gone? It might just be in your make-up bag – yes the one you keep in your purse ! This app lets you keep track of exactly what’s in your make-up bag at all times! Now that’s a useful list right there. Unless you’re switching up the make-up you take with you every day. Then it becomes a hassle to update the list every day. But if you have anal tendencies… you might still go for it.

You can also have a make-up to buy list either because you need something or because what you own is expired or has run out. As shown bellow you can also keep track and have a list of your beauty routine :


And of course, this app wouldn’t be complete without the all important : favorite products list :


I hope this tip was useful.

Was I the only one with this problem? I don’t think so, but let me know in the comments if you struggled with organizing your make up collection too. Please me tell me what solutions you came up with or if you know of another app.

Here is the link to the ios AppStore :



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