NYX Haul Première – 1st Store Opens in France!

Hey Guys,

So excited that NYX has finally opened its 1st French store in Paris on September 16th 2016! I’ve always loved NYX, and had to stock up when ever I went back to the States. I’ve blogged about it in my NYC drugstore haul post.

1st NYX Cosmetics Store in Paris

This first store is located in the Paris “mini Manhattan” as I like to call it 🙂  – La Défense business district, in the mall : Les Quatre Temps (located on the 1st floor).

For those of you who happen to be in Paris, you can get there by public transportation with : metro line #1,, RER A train or the Tramway #2 – La Défense stop.

There are signs all over the mall so you just can’t miss the NYX store.


Parisians love new brands from the States, so there was a crazy crowd for the opening. NYX had also promised on social media that the first 500 customers would get a surprise. As you can tell from the pics below, that call was answered!

danetigress beauty blog NYX Store opening France Paris Les Quatre Temps

The crowd was nuts on the opening day, with hours long for the waiting line.


L’Oreal has actually purchased NYX in 2014 and is now launching this cosmetics brand across Europe and in Australia as well.

What is NYX?

danetigress beauty blog makeup NYX Cosmetics opening Paris LaDefense
New NYX Store in Paris

For those of you who don’t know about the brand here is a little back story. NYX was founded by Toni Ko, who wanted to fill a gap between high end makeup brands and mass cosmetics brands. It’s a professional makeup line – meaning it has a large range of colors in every product category to cater to all skin tones and types – sold at drugstore prices. This concept was innovative and the quality was there so the brand has always been very popular.

danetigress beauty blog NYX cosmetcis makeup store opening Paris launch
NYX Cosmetics display

A lot of higher end brands have a limited range of each product, same at the drugstore. Finding a contouring palette for deeper skin tones can get difficult in your local supermarket. NYX has you covered and you’ll get great quality for the money. I’m not saying all the products are perfect but there are definitely some winners. One thing it’s knonwn for is highly pigmented products, which is sometimes hit and miss with most drugstore products I find.

danetigress beauty blog NYX cosmetics review launch paris store

NYX’s name comes from Greek mythology which is a love of mine. It’s the name of the goddess of night and that resonates with me. Who doesn’t want to look like a goddess with your glam makeup on and take on the night?

The store was decorated with artwork from Hueman an Oakland based painter and street artist. She creates spray painted pastel colorful mashups of the human condition in an abstract or figurative form.

Here is a pic from behind the cash registers:

Hueman artwork

My NYX Haul

My NYX Haul

Butter Gloss Set #7

danetigress beauty blog review haul NYX cosmetics paris store opening

My favorite product from NYX have to be the lippies. I just love a lot of their lip products but especially the Butter Gloss as I enjoy having moisturizing products on my sensitive lips.

I purchased this set because of the crazy crowds, there weren’t a lot of the popular colors available any more. The one came with three colors:

  • Vanilla Cream Pie :   a pinky mauvy nude
  • Strawberry Parfait : a nice soft fushia
  • Devil’s Food Cake : a great fall plum

I love that these are desserts, it’s perfectly indulgent and fun! This set is great because it caters to all the lip colors : the everyday easy to wear nude, the soft pop of color that isn’t too crazy, and the deeper fall color.

Swatches from right to left : Devil’s Food cake, Strawberry Parfait & Vanilla Cream Pie

I’ve already featured them on this blog, I love their formula so comfortable, moisturizing and not sticky!

Intense Butter Gloss

Swatch of

I had never had the chance to try this formula out, so I jumped on the chance. Since I loved the regular Butter Gloss I knew I would love this line. It’s just as highly pigmented as a lipstick and is actually a lot like a liquid lipstick except it’s glossy and moisturizing.

I chose fun hot pink color that I’ll get a bit more use out of in the summer, but I couldn’t resist picking it up.

Lip Lingerie in Embellishment 

Lip Lingerie is on the bottom

I’m not a huge matte lip girl, because I prefer a shiny finish (for my nails and lips!). But matte is so on trend, I had to get on the bandwagon and try this out. I know I won’t love it as much just because my lips are sensitive and prone to peeling. I did my research and the Lip Lingerie aren’t supposed to be too drying. I’ll keep you posted on how I feel.

I know I’ll end up topping them with a lip balm anyway haha. I just love the range of neutral and yet original colors. I went for Embellishment which is a muted purple with a hint of grey. I have  nothing like it in my collection and find it really beautiful.

This color though can be a little tricky depending on your skin undertone. I would recommend doing a full face of make up, to be sure it won’t make you look washed out.

I have to say from trying it out just once, that it is very lightweight to the point you feel you have nothing on your lips. It dries down very well. But I did find that it dried my lips so while it was lightweight I could feel I had it on simply because of the dried lips, NYX claims it has a plush matte finish and I find it true. It didn’t make my lips peel though, but I but lip balm on :).

danetigress beauty blog NYX review haul makeup lip lingerie embellishment
Lip Lingerie in Embellishment Swatch

Liquid Suede Cream in Sway

danetigress beauty blog NYX Cosmetics haul review swatch liquid suede lipstick
Liquid Suede Lipstick in Sway swatch on the right

The next formula I was really curious about was the Liquid Suede Cream lipsticks. This claims to be a matte waterproof lipstick. I do find it matte but I feel it doesn’t completely dry down as the Lip Lingerie. I don’t mind that since the Cream in the  name kind of gives it away to my mind and I find it a lot more comfortable on the lips – ie not as drying.

It is really lightweight as well but not as ethereal as the Lip Lingerie which really impressed me by how I didn’t feel them.

I went for a little out there color : Sway which is a vibrant lavender. On my lips I don’t find it very wearable. But I’ll be sure to use it at a party or at Halloween.

Illiminator in Narcissistic

I wanted to by a blush topper / highliter and I found this peachy color so inviting. Narcissistic is described as a champagne with a gold sheen, but I find it has  hint of peach in the pan. The name also is tied to Greek mythology which I love, you’re a geek or you’re not ! It has a shimmer finish but the glow can be really subtle on the skin.

I want to pair it one of my favorite Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes in Tipsy.

High Definition Blush in Taupe

danetigress beauty blog nyx blush taupe haul review store opening paris

This powder is very bendable and lightweight on the face. I love the NYX blush formula and already own one in Peach. I’ve been wanting to try out the famous contouring Taupe shade that a lot of YouTubers and Bloggers have raved about Nikkie Tutorials being one of them.

I think this color is a the perfect contour shade for light to medium skin tones, but wouldn’t work for medium dark to deeper skin tones. It has just the right amount of dusty grey to work perfectly.


Prismatic Eyeshadows in Fireball

danetigress beauty blog nyx prismatic eyeshadow fireball review haul store opening paris
NYX prismatic eyeshadow in Fireball

I love pigmented and shimmery eye-shadows for my lid color. I had never tried the Prismatic formula so I purchased this gorgeous Fireball color which is a rusty orange with red opalescence.

Being a makeup junkie I have a lot of palettes and eyeshadows, so I look for unique shades that aren’t yet in my collection, and this fit the bill. Warm tone eyeshadows are very much hyped right now. I’m more of a cool toned girl, but I do appreciate a great warm shade. I also love mixing warm tones on the lid and cool tones on the lower lash line for example.

The pigmentation is nuts on this shadow. I bought the pan form because I have Z Palettes that I enjoy filling up.

danetigress beauty blog nyx eyeshadow fireball prismatic review haul

Ultimate Shadow Palette in Cool Neutrals


This palette is quite compact so it’s perfect for travel. It has 16 high impact shadows with a range of different finishes from satin, shimmers, mattes and even metallics. I look for a complete set when I take a palette on a trip it needs to have mattes for the crease and transition shades, brow bone shades, inner corner highlights and lid colors. This palette certainly covers these needs and is on the cooler side which I love.

I would say the lighter shades don’t all perform as well as the deeper shades as you can tell by the swatches. I’m sure with the right base (Jumbo Pencil in Milk, or Urban Decay Eyshadow primer or even Maybelline Color Tattoo) I’ll make them work.

Another bummer was that the packaging was damaged, the plastic closure was broken when I opened it. Maybe too much mishandling with the crowds?


Slide on Lip Pencil in Bedrose


I’ve heard great things about this long lasting matte lip liners. I picked the shade Bedrose which is a soft nude pink with mauve undertone. Mauve is one of my fave lip colors so anything hinting towards mauve is a sell for me.

The full name is a mouth full, but I like how the brand pokes fun at itself!

Bedrose swatch

The last product I wanted to buy was the matte finishing spray but unfortunately it was sold out ! Wow, when I asked a sales lady, she told me it was actually still in stock but with the mayhem and the number of customers there was no time for the team to put all the stock back on the shelves!

I guess I’ll have to go back another time. I do feel they should have anticipated and gotten extra help for the opening and following days.

danetigress beauty blog nyx makeup review haul

What are your favorite NYX products?



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        1. The first fashion post in my blog is about Oriflame nailpolishes, but other products are coming up too! Stay tuned 😀 and I would like to know the other fashion brands through your blog too! They are quite informative and does increase fashion knowledge.

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      1. I haven’t tried many products yet. But I have tried their eyeliners and liked them. I bought some bits yesterday so I’ll see how I find them☺ Is the NYX store in Paris anywhere near the Sephora on Champs Elysee? X

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        1. Ok let me know, I’d love to read your review. No unfortunately it’s in La Defense which you see in perspective under the Arc of Triumph at the top of the Champs Elysees but it’s 15 min away by metro/train

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  1. Fantastic post, you’re a really great blogger. I also have the NYX Lip Lingerie in Embellishment & it’s such a gorgeous shade, so different to what I already own. This post has given me lots of ideas of what to buy next!

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