My favorite fashion app : Stylebook !

As I said in a previous post on my favorite beauty app myBeautyCache, I just love apps. There really does seem to be an app for everything. My favorite fashion app was actually recommended by Michelle Pan in her Video on Youtube “My Tech Favs”. I checked it out and immediately loved it. This is my Stylebook review.IMG_7548

  1. Wardrobe organizer

This app enables  you to create your very own personal virtual closet ! You can catalog your wardrobe by either taking pictures of your clothes and accessories or using pictures off the internet. They provide you with a nifty little tool that removes the background from your clothes pictures. You can easily cut your clothes out and have a neat streamlined effect. This is especially useful for the stylebook feature I mention later.


It’s very customizable, and you can create as many categories and subcategories as your heart desires. I love the fact that you can tailor it to your exact needs. It has no limits (categories or number of pictures). If you are anal about organization, then this app’s for you ! My only wish is that my clothes were as neatly presented and put away in real life as in my virtual closet haha!

My custom categories
My custom categories

This app also allows you to keep track of what you own. Most of us seem to gravitate towards similar styles or colors. Having this handy app while your out shopping can help you use your money wisely and efficiently. I find it also a lot simpler to just browse thru my closet from the comfort of my couch or my bed with the search feature, rather than ruffling through the actual closet, especially if you keep your off season clothes some place else (the garage, the attic etc..). Perfect when I’m feeling lazy!


2. Lookbook creator

My second favorite feature provided by this app, is the stylebook creator. You can be your very own stylist ! Ever thought about your looks and had no where to jot them down?

IMG_7540 IMG_7541

If you’ve read the 7 facts about me post, then you know I love my beauty sleep. One of the ways I’ve found to cut down time when getting ready in the morning (and there for sleep as long as humanly possible before work) is to plan the night before what I’ll be wearing the next day. This is a fun and easy way do it. I like switching things up but if I’m in a rush I have several ready made looks for every occasion! You even have a calendar if you want to plan what to wear ! I admit I don’t use this very often, but having the option is great.

The app provides you with a layout for your outfits that makes it simple to resize or layer your clothes on a free form canvas. Just have fun with it ! You can share them to your social media accounts and friends.

3. Packing lists

I travel some both for work and for fun. Having pre-made packing lists for different types of trips : business, resort, winter, or beach  vacation can help you stay organized and sane if a spur of the moment or last minute trip comes your way.


4. Style Stats

This app provides insights and analytics into how often you wear your clothing (if you enter the calendar info), how you wear it, which items you wear the least etc… You can feel better about splurging  on a luxe piece if you get the most bang for your buck! It lets you be aware of what isn’t working for you, so you can then easily find the items you might want to resell on ebay or other apps such as Vestiaire Collective.


5. Inspiration and Shopping

Finally what I like about this app is that you can create wish lists of your dream items, fashion goals, or birthday lists. You can create your very own Inspiration library from other stylists, or favorite fashion bloggers. And most importantly you can then shop all of the lists directly from the app!


This app isn’t free but for the price of a latte you get some very fun and useful features to meet a lot of your fashion needs. It’s around 4$ or 3.99€ in the app store for the iphone. I think it’s worth the price. Let me know if you use this app and how in the comments.

What is your favorite fashion app?


5 thoughts on “My favorite fashion app : Stylebook !

  1. Every review of StyleBook points out, critically, that the app is not free. It costs $4 basically. But I also want to point out that unlike MANY free apps, there are no annoying ads, pop-ups, messages or display ads in StyleBook. It is a clear, clean experience. Worth paying for!


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