Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5 Zip Handbag Review


This Xmas I was super lucky to receive the perfect small cross body bag : the Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5 Zip! I have another cross body bag I love the Michael Kors Frankie that I’ve already reviewed, and the advantage the Mini 5 Zip has is – you guessed it : the Zip! It makes the bag more secure than a bucket style bag which doesn’t close completely even when the draw string is pulled taught.

But let’s get into the features first. The bag is made of calfskin very soft and slightly textured leather. It comes in an array of colors, but I went with the classic black that goes with everything and also ties in perfectly with the edgy look of this bag.

The bag has a top zip closure (which I love) and a trio of exposed zip pockets though only one is fully functional the rest are more for show. However that being said you can still use them to store very small items such as a lipgloss or gum. This makes only 4 zips in total, so the name is not exactly accurate haha! The zippers all come with long fringe attached to them. The bag is also sold with an extra set of fringe. I love the look the fringe gives when dangling off the purse. But if you don’t like the look of them, you can easily take them off and that’s what I love about this bag. The many ways you can wear it. Apart from making a chic statement, the multiple zip pockets make it easy to stay organized in style.


The back of the bag features a small gold toned Rebecca Minkoff plate. This bag has great details all around.

Back with gold toned Rebecca Minkoff plate

The interior is lined with Rebecca Minkoff’s signature print fabric lining. It contains one slip pocket that is sizable enough to fit a small coin purse, a card holder and your keys as well as a lipstick or lipgloss.

Rebecca Minkoff leather tab
Top view of the bag and slip pocket

The hardware comes in custom light gold tone or silvertone, I chose the gold tone because I love the way it contrasts with the black leather. Even though it’s a small bag it still comes with feet, which is pretty rare. I really like this, as well as the fact that the feet serve the dual purpose of protecting you bag and blinging it out because they are oversized.

Gold toned oversized feet

The dimensions are :

  • 9″ wide x 1.5″ deep x 6.5″ tall
  • Longueur: 24 cm x Largeur: 4 cm x Hauteur: 16 cm

It has a surprisingly roomy interior for such a small bag ! I can fit a full size wallet in here, mine is the Michael Kors Jet Set Continental (check out my post). It’s true that if you do choose to carry a full size wallet it will fill the bag pretty much.


So most of the times, I’d rather use my Louis Vuitton Clés as a small purse (I’ve reviewed it on my blog). Here are all the items I usually stash in my bag :

  • my Kindle paper white
  • a small leather good : my Louis Vuitton Clé
  • my keys
  • my sunglasses (in a soft case)
  • my smart phone : iPhone 6/Samsung Galaxy S4
  • my credit card, ID card or drivers’ license and metro card
  • my credit card RFID holder
  • a tiny Sephora makeup bag that holds travel sized lipsticks and lip-gloss
  • my small umbrella (it’s Paris so it rains!)
    What’s in my bag!

    Another pro that I always look for in a bag is versatility. I like getting the most out of my purchase. This bag comes with a removable strap. You can easily turn it into a clutch for an evening out to dinner.IMG_2527The strap itself comes with an adjustable chain that can be worn cross-body (21″ or 54 cm drop) or doubled (14″ or 36 cm drop). By doubling the strap you turn the bag into a shoulder bag! I love this feature as I feel it makes the bag dressier for slightly more formal occasions. The crossbody is really handy when you dress the bag down and go about town on your busy day.

  • Rebecca Minkoff’s perennial favorite is the MAC, or Morning After Clutch that also comes in the Mini version. So why go for the Mini 5 Zip ? Of course it does come down to personal preference but here are the pros of the Mini 5 Zip :

    This bag is completely practical and very easy to use. The zippers are very smooth and the long fringes help grab on to the zipper tab you need. Getting in and out of all the pockets is a breeze. The Mini MAC on the other hand has a hard to get into front pocket. You have to work the oversized clip lock first, then lift the flap to access the zipper and finally work the zipper. No way you can keep your phone there or any items you need to be able to pull out quickly.

    Front Ziper pocket goes all the way down – I keep my phone there and metro card

    The other pro is the fact that it has an edgier feel to it than the Mini MAC. I like rocking this moto style and it’s fun pairing it with a girly look to mix things up. Lastly I love the fact it isn’t as widely used as the Mini MAC, less chance bumping into some one already sporting it. It bags are fun until everyone has one. That being said if you love something, you shouldn’t care what other people are doing or not, just have fun and wear what makes you happy!

    Studded strap detail

    I’ve heard there is a con, so in order to bring you the most complete review I’ll let you know that girls with longer hair (not my case) have complained about getting their hair caught on the stud detailing of the leather shoulder strap, so that’s something you can lookout for.

    This is a great crossbody, right on trend with the perfect combo of classy & a little edgy. The zippers & fringe add just the right amount detail. All in all I couldn’t be happier with this gift and would definitely recommend it getting it especially during the sales. It retails for $225 but you can easily get it for half the price.

    What is your favorite between the Mini Mac and the Mini 5 Zip ?



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