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Hey Everyone!

I’ll admit I’m more of heels kinda girl but sneakers have always been a street fashion must have. They are so comfy, what’s not to love?! However since 2014, sneakers also burst out onto the runway shows and became the trending shoe at the serious couture Dior and Chanel shows!

This tweeked my interest and so this post is a shout out to a wonderful concept artist mixing Tattoo art and sneakers ! I’m talking about a French underground designer The Basquetteuse which actually means “Miss Sneakers”, as “Basket” means sneakers in French (from the fact you wear sneakers to play basket ball).


This Parisian based designer launched her website : and offers to customize your sneakers with amazing Tattoo inspired designs. She caters to everyone men, women and even children.

When asked how she came up with the concept : She said “Nowadays the Stan Smith tennis shoe (by Addidas) has become a staple among the hipster crowd, you just see them everywhere. She wanted to unstandardize this shoe. Honestly it’s the perfect blank canvas with its smiple design and white color for customization.

Here is an example of her artwork :


Sneakers are such a versatile shoe and so comfortable, you can dress them up or down depending on your mood. Adding an edgy tattoo design and more importantly making the shoe unique is a great fashion statement that all brands aspire to. This practice is common for handbag lovers, with Louis Vuitton & Co. hot-stamping your SLGs and totes.

Too cute!

La Basquetteuse is an affordable and original way to have your own one-of-a-kind perfect sneaker. You can turn a plain pair into an eye catching shoe-gasm! With increasing popularity, everyone it seems is sporting the latest styles Sam Smith, Nike or Superstar etc.. and some fashionistas have been turning away from a trend that has become too ubiquitous. The market seems oversaturated with the latest sneaker fad. Customizing your favorite pair helps you keep your style relevant and is a reflection of your personality.

Example of designs for kids:

She really listens to what her customers want and gets to know them in order to propose the right designs tailored to the needs they sometimes didn’t suspect they had. Whether you want edgy, cool, whimsical or sexy, you name it she can deliver ! Contact her through a form on her website or drop her an email


Follow her on Facebook ! I love supporting the young and original creative designers out there. If you’re looking for the best Valentine’s Day present don’t look further than La Basquetteuse.

Isn’t this pair better than a bouquet of roses to say : Be Mine?

Let me know in the comments what your favorite sneaker is.

xoxo Danetigress

Sexy : you get your heels and your sneakers too!

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Disclaimer : this post is not sponsored. All pictures are La Basquetteuse proprietary material and kindly provided to this blog for the review.


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