Black Friday Crazy Dior Haul !



It’s Black Friday so it’s the one and only day where you can be justified in going a little overboard with spending on a high-end brand. Don’t you agree? :).

I’ve always loved the Dior brand and just went a little crazy.


5 Colors Designer All in one Artistry Palette (base, 3 eyeshadows, liner) in 508 Nude Pink Design


Diorshow Iconic Extreme Mascara in 268 Blue

Diorshow Blackout Waterproof Mascara in 099 Noir

Airflash Spray Foundation in 202

Diorskin Nude Tan Matte powder


Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup in 022

Longwear moisturizing concealer in two shades 410 and 430

Dior Diorific Rouge Haute Couture Liptsick in 014 Dolce Vita


Diorshow Mono Trianon Edition Wet & Dry Backstage eyeshadow in 170 Angélique


Ultra Smooth High Impact Eyeshadow in 616 Golden Spotlight


Nail Glow Top Coat


Skin care

Capture Totale Haute Nutrition multi-perfection rich cream


Capture R60/80 Wrinkle Pre-Treatment Lotion

L’or de vie eye cream (refill)

L’or de vie Serum (refill)

What are your favorite Dior products?

Happy Black Friday Shopping everyone !


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