What’s in my Beach/Pool Bag?

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I know I’ve done a What’s in my Handbag post recently but I’ve been on a roll, what with rounding up all my summer essentials (check out my post for lifestyle, fashion, and my beauty essentials post). I’ve recently been a road trip through Burgundy France along the wine vineyards with some family and friends and will be posting about it soon. We stopped at many locations with pools so I though it the perfect time to let you guys know what’s in my Pool bag, but this of course also works out for a day at the beach.

Pool in Chateau Sainte Sabine, Burgundy

My Beach/Pool Bag : Caudalie Love Straw tote bag


There are so many options out there for a beach bag from high end such as the Longchamp Le Pliage tote to low end such as the cute Victoria Secret’s Pink bags. I usually go with Sephora bags I get with my VIB Rouge card. The beach or pool bag I’m currently using though is this nice straw Love tote from Caudalie that I got as a gift for purchase. I just love this roomy and chic straw tote bag that folds nicely into a small suite-case, is lightweight and not too huge that it becomes overwhelming.

Bioderma Photoderm Bronz Dry Oil Spf 50+


As mentioned in my Summer Favorites post, I love Bioderma sun screen and this is just a variation on the same product but in oil form. The regular Bioderma sinks discreetly into your skin, but the oil – while still seeping in effortlessly (remember I hate having to work cream products into my skin for ages) – leaves a beautiful sheen that enhances the look of your skin in the sun. With a bathing suit, it’s a match made in heaven and therefore perfect for the pool side or the beach!

This is a multi-tasker (you know how I love versatility in a product !) that works for face, body and  hair. Yes your hair does need protection from the sun too! It also stimulates your natural tanning process and prolongs it. It is suitable for very sensitive skin. I just love this stuff. Did I mention it has a great scent too?

A Floppy sun Hat

IMG_7811 (1)

This floppy sun hat is my go to in the Summer for the beach or the pool because SPF is not the only way to protect against the sun which can also cause heatstroke if you’re not careful, or if you’re not used to being in the sun for prolonged periods of time. I love this Foever21 hat because it’s so carefree. It easily folds into any beach bag you may have and then pops right back into shape.

Sun Glasses : Steve Madden Sunglasses

IMG_8102 - Copie (2)

When going to the beach or pool, I like being carefree with my things so taking really expensive designer sunglasses that can get easily scratched up in the sand etc… isn’t something I like doing.

I got these cuties during my trip to Las Vegas during Thanksgiving at the outlet mall. They are very lightweight and also don’t take up a lot of space when folded.

Victoria’s Secret Cover up


I love Victoria’s Secret beach cover ups, especially the bra top ones. I love that they provide extra support when needed (which is often my case when wearing a bathing suit) but also are very fun and stylish.

This strapless sponge beach dress is both pretty and useful as its material will help soak up any excess water you didn’t wipe dry. I like the elasticated waist which is always faltering and the slight blouson effect on top.

I don’t think you can get this one currently, but there are many to choose from on their website. I think a white fabric really makes your tan stand out and the blue edge is a nice nautical touch.

Flip Flops : Tory Burch Miller Sandal


Bioderma Hydrabio  Eau de soin SPF 30 Water spray

Moisturizing anti-UV mist

This product is a miracle of technology in a bottle ! It’s the first product ever to combine a water hydrating spray like the Avène misting spray I mentioned in my Summer Essentials post with an SPF! They can’t yet manage to go higher than an SPF 30 but that’s good protection already.

What’s genius about this product for any make up lover is that unlike all other face SPFs that need to be put on under your makeup, this one can actually be sprayed right on top of your full face of makeup without disturbing it in the slightest! To ensure your face is protected, you need to reapply your sun screen every so many hours as it only lasts so long. Now thanks to this Bioderma Hydrabio spray, your make up is safe and more importantly so is your skin!

This mist is super fine and hydrates your skin, refreshes you in the hot weather while taking away the cakey effect of the makeup but more importantly it provides sun protection! I’m in love and never leave the house without this product in the summer months, so of course it has to be in my Beach Bag!

A Bottle of Water


Keeping hydrated all year round is super important but it’s even more so at the beach or pool. My favorite kind is sparkling water. But any H2O will do!

A Bluetooth speaker


You never know when a little tune will just perk up your time with your friends or family. I feel this is a  little more appropriate for a pool because you won’t be getting any sand on electronic equipment and you might have more privacy at the pool. Not everyone has the same taste in music :).

A book / My kindle Paperwhite

IMG_8101 - Copie

If you’ve been ready my handbag reviews or my What’s in my Bag post then you know I never go anywhere without my trusty Kindle Paperwhite. The pool or the beach is no exception. I love reading to the soothing sounds of the crashing waves.

Right now I’m reading a great summer read by JD Robb : Brotherhood in Death. It’s part the In Death series but you can read it as a stand alone. It has a bit of sci-fi, murder mystery and love of course!


A Towel

I bought this blue dolphin beach towel on my trip in Capri, Italy way back in 2008. It’s still going strong and I love the pop of color it leaves on the sand.

Blue is my favorite color, and it also makes it easy to find my spot after a dip in the water.

A long silk pachmina Scarf

IMG_8105 - Copie

A good friend of mine brought this back from Thailand, (a country I’d really love to visit). As a matter of fact, one of the weddings I mentioned in my Summer Essentials post was her wedding! I’ve loved this pachmina scarf ever since (btw did you notice it’s blue?!) and have been using it every time I head to the beach or pool.

It also doubles up as a cover up if you ever forget to pack one. Just tie two of the ends around your neck and secure the other corners in your back and voilà!

A dustbag for your wet bathing suit

IMG_8702 (1)

This is a Sephora dust bag that was also a VIB gift. I find it very useful to put my wet bathing suit in and keep it from damaging any other item in my beach bag. It’s a nice pink nylon with a drawstring. My swimsuit is from Madora with crochet detailing, but you have similar ones at Target or Amazon. I’ll try and find similar links bellow.

A pouch or clutch

This is really useful to protect your phone, wallet and other tech essentials (I can’t go any where without them even to the pool!). It also helps you keep organized so you don’t have all the important things shuffled around in your beach bag and lost.

I love having a clutch if I need to run a quick errand while I leave my beach bag with friends or family, like buying a snack or something. This is again a Sephora pouch I received as a gift (do you think I may be going a little to much to Sephora?).

A makeup bag :

IMG_8105 - Copie

Some are going to say that this doesn’t need to be in a beach bag. However there are occasions when you have something to do right after and need a little something to be put together. It’s also useful if you’re going to a pool party. To know which products to bring you can check out my July Favorites Summer Beauty Essentials post. Lastly let’s keep in mind I’m a make up junkie and take some where ever I go !

Here is what I keep in my makeup bag for the beach/pool :

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Nourishing Lip Balm SPF 20 Pa++


A lip balm with spf is a must have, you don’t want to suffer from a burn on your lips, come on just OUCH! I love this one because first it’s very moisturizing which is what I primarily want in a lip balm, it has great sun protection and it’s very shiny so it gives the finish of a lip gloss! There’s a reason I featured it in my Top Ten Best Lip Balms post.

Lip gloss

I always have lipgloss in my purse whether it’s a beach bag or not. I put lipgloss over the top of my SPF lip balm if the occasion warrants it ie a party or when I’m done with the pool or beach and heading some place else.

I brought whatever lippie I feel like wearing that day. Usually I will take travel sized ones with me. The lippies featured in the pic above are the Lancôme Juicy Shaker I reviewed in my June Favorites and the Urban Decay Revolution lipgloss I got in a set during my trip to NYC and featured in my NYC Sephora VIB Haul.

BareMinerals Matte Powder

IMG_7814 - Copie

Not that you want to wear make up when you go the Beach or the Pool, but you might have been doing something prior to going and wearing make up for that, or you are actually going to a pool or beach party in which case a little water proof make up is a necessity for me :)!

While this matte powder isn’t waterproof per say I find that it’s water resistant and at least it doesn’t dissolve upon contact with water like some liquid foundations tend to do. I especially like the mattefying effect in the heat.

Blotting paper

Now if you don’t want or need to bring a mineral powder, then I strongly recommend bringing some blotting paper, even for those lucky enough not to have oily skin, I feel most every one tends to get a little shiny what with the suntan lotion, the heat (a little sweaty) etc.. it can help soak it right up. You will thank me when checking out your selfies later 🙂

Givenchy Phenom’Eyes Waterproof mascara


This is my favorite waterproof mascara, that truly works unlike some that just claim to be waterproof. It is harder to take off which is a downer but I guess it comes with the territory. You can’t have everything! It provides really good volume as well which is a must for me in mascaras and aren’t always the case for the waterproof versions for some reason.

Merchurocrome : Waterproof band-aids


You never know when you’ll get a small cut or a blister. These will come in handy. I also recommend them if you happen to have a small scar that’s still in the healing process. Scars need to be kept out of the sun for them to heal properly and also to reduce the chances of marking up or not fading away properly.


You know you need them any time but especially by a body of water ! haha! My faves have aloe vera to sooth irritated skin.

What is in your beach/pool bag ? What kind of beach bag are you using this summer ? Please let me know in the comments or link your own blog post/video.



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Corbière Beach in Marseille, France



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