My Must Have Summer Essentials

Hey Guys!

Summer is finally in full swing here in Paris, but I’m sure most of you have been enjoying summer for a while now for all my lucky readers out there. Here are my must-have products for Summer 2016! I’m not including any make up products as they will be covered in my July Favorites post. These are more of a skin care, fashion and lifestyle favorites.

Sun screen

The most important thing you need during Summer is of course sun tan lotion. I’m sure you all know that 80% of skin aging is caused by the sun. I was born in the Las Vegas desert  (as you know if you’ve read my 7 facts about me Lovely Blogger Award)so while I love the sun and heat I know first hand how damaging it can be. French pharmacy brands are just the best bang for your buck in my opinion and this is true not just for skincare but also for SPF.

For the Body : Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF50+


My current favorite sun tan lotion for the body is the Bioderma SPF 50 Photoderm Max. I love the spray bottle as it speeds up the application. The mist is super fine and its invisible texture sinks really quickly into the skin. I hate when you get a heavy white cream that leaves you feeling sticky! I go for the stronger SPF because I believe its the best for your skin. It doesn’t prevent you from getting a nice golden tan. It’s geared toward sensitive skin and has the essential feature in an SPF during the summer of being water resistant.

 For the Body : La Roche-Posay Posthelios Hydrating After Sun

Once you’ve been out in the sun all day at the beach or just from a summer picnic, even if you didn’t catch a sun burn, I recommend you soothe your skin with a cooling moisturizer. Your skin needs some pampering after sunbathing. My favorite one is once again from the french pharmacy brands: La Roche-Posay Posthelios which is a melt in gel made from their star key ingredient: La Roche-Posay thermal water. You just massage in lightly after your bath or shower and your skin will thank me!

For the Face : Clarins SPF 50+ Sun Wrinkle Cream for Face


Clarins SPF is slightly thicker than the Bioderma because  it contains anti aging properties. It prevens sun induced age spots. I find that it provides good moisturization and I love 2 in 1 products! I find it’s  a pretty good primer as well and will help your foundation go on smoothly though I can’t really say it helps with the staying power. It is a well rounded SPF because it works against UVA and UVB rays. With this much SPF you might have to worry about a white cast in flash photography but I use this during the day time when I don’t have to worry about needing to use the flash. I wouldn’t recommend this for an evening event but for daily use or an afternoon pool party it would be just fine!

Fendi Sunglasses


With all that sunbathing, you can’t leave the house without a trusty pair of sunnies. Mine are from Fendi and were mentioned in my What’s in my bag post, but any great pair will do. They are both protection and a fashion statement. They can even replace eye make up when you don’t feel like putting some on (not that that happens to me too often haha!) and want to rock the incognito look.


Who wants to be pasty white on the first day of vacation, or at the beach? I think using self tanner during the summer is a necessity. And this helps if you actaully want to stay out of the sun too.

For the body : St Tropez


This is my absolutely favorite self tanner. I find it really easy to use. It has a nice mousy consistency that’s really easy to blend even if you don’t use the mitt that Saint Tropez sells as well. I do recommend you moisturize thoroughly prior to using as this will help with an even application and prevent streakiness caused by dry patches on the skin. I love the fact that it gives you a nice golden glow immediately after use. You don’t need to use it several times in a row to start seeing some action. All the same it remains very natural, you won’t be rocking the Oompa Loompa look any time soon!

For the face: Bioderma Self-Tanning Face Gel


I’ve already mentioned this in my June Favorites. Bioderma really knows its skin products. This one provides 12 hour moisturization and a nice gradual natural looking tan. I can easily wear it under my makeup and it won’t interfere.

A floppy straw hat

IMG_7811 (1)

A hat is a must have in summer, whether you like a baseball cap, a cowboy hat or a fedora everyone can find a style that suits them. Hats are a great fashion accessory to complete any outfit while preventing heatstroke if you’re going to spend the day out in the sun. My favorite is the floppy straw hat. I got mine at Forever21 for a bargain.

Sally Hansen Airbrush legs


Just like sun tan lotion and self tanners aren’t exclusive of each other, I find that leg make up is a summer essential in just the same way and is great to use in combination with these other products.

Summer is the time when are legs are most out on the show and is also a season that is high in parties and of course let’s not forget weddings. I’ve been invited to 2 weddings this summer. You want your legs to look perfect and if you’ve got a sun burn, a bruise or just plain old bug bites, Sally Hansen Aribrush legs has got you covered. It’s really easy to use in spray form and washes off in the shower really nicely. It dries down quite quickly. I’m impatient so while I love using a ton of products (in case you haven’t noticed yet haha!) if it’s too much work I just won’t be reaching for it.

Mine is in Medium Glow but it also comes in Light Glow for you fair ladies out there and Tan Glow for all my golden toned ladies or anyone who really wants a nice tan !

Bug repellant : Bayer Cinq sur Cinq Tropic


While on the topic of bug bites, avoiding the issue is the best course of action if you ask me. Now not all bug repellents are as effective, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. I don’t know why but mosquitoes just seem to love me, and even when with friends I always end on the one being bitten the most. That is if I forget to bring this trusty guy with me. The one I consider an essential is a very good and effective on for most regular vacations spots. Cinq sur Cnq Tropic, provides 8 hour protection against mosquitoes in areas that can be risky.

How ever if you are going in a tropical country where some bug bites can have serious health consequences than I recommend you get the best out there. In my opinion it’s Insect Ecran which the Pasteur Institute supports. It’s the one that melted the patent leather of my Birkenstock shoes when I was travelling in Africa!



But for your regular vacation bug bite needs Cinq sur Cinq is a very good one without the harsh chemicals that I’m sure aren’t the best for your skin (and shoes) on a daily basis :).

Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray


After the  beach, or in general when you want to add a little oomph to your do, using a texturising spray is a great little trick. The Toni&Guy one is perfect for that effortless beachy wavy look. It works on dry or wet hair and doesn’t leave your hair crunchy feeling which I  hate.

Flipflops : Tory Burch Miller 2 thong sandal


While I love Birkenstocks for travel, the quintessential summer shoe remains the flip flop! Flip flops can be stylish too, and my favorite are the Tory Burch Miller 2 sandals which are an effortlessly polished alternative to this basic shoe. This is a comfortable staple for any beach days, pool parties or  just running errands with leather and a gold metal logo. It comes in an array of different patterns and colors. I went for the snake print for an extra little bit of fun.


Spring Water Spray : Avène Eau Thermale


Ever need to cool down ? Well a mineral water spray is a great way to give yourself and your skin a little treat. While many French water brands such as Evian or Vittel have their own version, my favorite is still among the French Pharmacy brands : Avène. The Avène water has been legally recognized by the French government as being useful for the public. This spray helps to cool you down while also hydrating you and removing any salt or chlorine residue. It has soothing properties for irritated skin whether by the sun, a razor (it’s unisex guys!) you name it.

Nec Bluetooth Portable Speaker


Summer is the one season where most of us want to be outside as much as possible. Music is such an important part of life, that have a portable speaker to bring with you where ever you go is a summer must have for me. It’s bluetooth capable and really light weight.

A Summer Handbag : Kate Spade Cobble Hill Toddy


I just got this gorgeous baby during the semi annual sale. I’m in love! I feel like it’s the perfect summer bag with its creamy leather in Porcelain and cross body strap. I also love the dark chocolate contrasting glazing. A review will be coming very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

What are your summer essentials? I’d love to know so please comment bellow. Have a great summer everyone!



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6 thoughts on “My Must Have Summer Essentials

  1. I think this list is very complete but I cannot help to think that is kind of cliche about some of the products, I mean Avené Eau thermale is a cult favourite but is everybody using St Tropez this summer? or it’s just me that think is in that way?

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    1. Thanks for your comment ! I get where your coming from but I live in France and self tanning here Isn’t as big as in the us so I feel I don’t have that many product options. But it’s a good idea to make a post comparing the self tanners available here. My fave will still be St Tropez which you have to buy on line here like at Asos
      Do you have a favorite?

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