Lisbon Portugal – Day 3

… continuation from Day 2

Day 3


For the first time since we got here, the weather took a turn for the worse. I guess you need rain from time to time to really appreciate the sun!

What to do if not spend the day in Lisbon’s museums? They provide the perfect rainy day activity.

Azulejos Mueseum

Our umbrellas and us headed out the the Azulejos Musuem in the morning. We took the tram to get there. We’d been admiring them from day 1, so this was a must see for us!

The Azulejos is an identifying art of Portugal. Its uninterrupted use throughout 5 centuries differs from how it was perceived in other cultures, asserting a Portuguese taste. This museum showcases all the different styles and designs from different parts of Portugal.

I just love these designs! Which one is your favorite?


We finished visiting the Museum quite late and had built up quite an appetite. However the part of Lisbon we were in didn’t have many restaurants to be seen. We walked around for a bit and then just tried our luck in a tiny restaurant we almost didn’t notice. It was on the 1st floor of an apartment building.

We were welcomed in and had to squeeze ourselves in the only remaining table (there were only two other tables in this little restaurant!). But some steak and fries can never go wrong. You got a plate full of steak, rice, beans AND fries! Take about carbs galore!  The portions were huge and went down fine with a little glass of red wine.


Art Museum : National Museum of Ancient Art

Museum Of Ancient Art

Half of our group of friends decided to call it quits with museum time and dive right into shopping, but I really wanted to see the National The Museum of Ancient Art. I love art and most especially painting.

John Hoppner – 1775 – Peasant woman carrying firewood

The museum was first established in 1884 and occupies the Palaccio de Alvor Pombal, the former palace of the Count of Alvor.

Palace Rooms

The musuem name can be misleading as it doesn’t actually hold “ancient” artwork per se just antiques.

The collection includes painting, sculpture, metalwork,textiles, furniture, drawings, and other decorative art forms from the Middle Ages to the early 19th century. The collections, especially those for the 15th and 16th centuries, are particularly important regarding the history of Portuguese painting, sculpture, and metalwork.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of my good friends travelling with me, turned me on to taking pictures of Saint Sebastian wherever I go. Can you spot him in the slide show above?



After all the museums, we definitely needed something fun and light, and what better way to escape the rain than by shopping? I still thinks it counts as a cultural activity as well :). We met up with the rest of our friends down town.

Cermaics artwork

We went to a gallery that had lots of young up and coming local designers and arts and crafts. Here are some of the items displayed.


I purchased a cute leather wrap around bracelet in this lovely bright blue color! The gold hardware works great with my god tone hardware bags such as my beloved Tory Burch York Buckle Tote that I was travelling with btw! (check out my review if you haven’t). Love this bracelet!

Some shops had items made out of cork, what fun!

Arts and Crafts exhibition center

We then settled down in a cosy little restaurant for some typical Portuguese fare.


The food was quite simple but very tasty. Grilled fish and sausages, with potatoes and cheese.

We decided to walk around a bit before getting desert. Lo and behold, we ended up at the delish Santori Ice Cream Shop, what a coincidence! (just like during Day 2) I guess we still had some calories to burn.

Food coma eventually kicked in and it was off to dreamland.

to be continued…

Have you been to Lisbon ? What was your experience like?

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15 thoughts on “Lisbon Portugal – Day 3

  1. I had really fun at jumping to lisboa with you in such frendly promenade
    always this very talented writting you have
    hurry up I want to go to Kyoto !!!!


  2. well I lived in Lisbon for 8 years and I love it! Even with the rain there’s always loads to do. I have to admit I’ve never done the museums, we tend not to do what we have close to home, which is a shame

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it’s beautiful even under gloomy weather ! I totally feel you about not visiting museums where you live ! But I loved the ones I saw and am sure you would too
      In Paris I get a chance to see them regularly because I play tourist guide to my visiting family and friends. Haha! 😜


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