👛What’s in my bag 👜?

Hey Everyone !

I was tagged by the lovely Shopaholicsblog to start a chain of bag reveal posts. I’ve linked to her post, please check hers out. So let’s do just that !

I tag all of you followers or anyone who just stumbles upon this blog post to show us what is in your handbag. Nosy much! Yes I am 🙂

Instagram style pic

I’m a handbag lover and some of my favorite types of posts or videos on YouTube are What’s in my bag? and handbag reviews.

The current handbag I’m using the Burberry Small Canter in House Check Tote bag. I’ll be doing a review pretty soon. I’m in LOVE >3

This handbag is the perfect size as it fits all the items I need easily and is still lightweight.

  1. Handbag organizer

IMG_7650 (1)To stay organized even if the bag isn’t huge, I love handbag organizers, I hate having to go on an archaeological dig to retrieve any of my items. This organizer is really handy and very light weight as well, check out my review. It keeps my  receipts, my prescriptions, and check book etc all nicely organized.

2. My wallet

As a clutch

I love zip around style wallets, I find they are the most convenient. My current favorite is my Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Continental wallet.

3. My LV Clés


I just love this SLG from Louis Vuitton and have dedicated an entire Unboxing & Review post to it. It is so versatile that I use it in every single bag I carry whether it’s a large tote, a cross body, or a clutch.

4. My iPhone 6 /work phones


I have 2 phones my personal iPhone 6 in rose gold which I love, I’m an apple fan for sure! And my work phone a Samsung Galaxy S4. As I usually use my iPhone to take my pics, you’ll hardly ever see it in them. I made an exception today and took the pic with my Samsung. I love the Spigen case I’m using as it’s very sturdy and protects it from any mishaps that might happen. I couldn’t live without my phone, being a bit of a geek I love many apps and have already reviewed my favorite Beauty App myBeautyCache and my favorite Fashion App Stylebook.

5. My Kindle PaperWhite


As mentioned in my October 2015 Favorites – travel edition, I never leave the house without my Kindle. This baby goes everywhere with me, so whether I’m commuting, waiting in line at the mall or just for a friend, I never get bored and can read away at any moment!

6. My Makeup bag


I have many makeup bags, because if you are a Sephora VIB or Gold card holder, you get them as perks with your purchases quite regularly which I’ve detailed in a couple posts. I switch them up depending on my needs, their size and the size of my bag of course. The current one I’m using is by Dior and is quite cute and handy, stores a lot in a little compact tube shape.


Does anyone think I have too many lippies? 🙂

7. My umbrella


I always carry a small foldable umbrella with a telescopic handle which is definitely a must when living in rainy Paris :). This one is a cheap mini H&M one.

8. My Sunglasses


I’m currently carrying my red Fendi Sunglasses and their small althetic case. It’s very lightweight but keeps them from getting scratched or bent out of shape very nicely. Even if it rains from time to time, you need to protect your eyes against the sun rays for premature wrinkling and aging! But let’s be real, the cool factor is a definite plus :). Sunglasses really do complete an outfit.

9. Gum


Always carry gum with me. Sugar free and usually something fresh and minty.

10. Travel sized Hand Lotion


This is also a must have, for some reason I’m extra sensitive to dried lips and hands. I don’t always moisturize my whole body, I know I know, it’s not very good but I just can’t stand to have my skin feel tight in my hands. I love this Hand Food by Soap&Glory featured in my Stocking Stuffers gift guide.

I always carry a travel size so as not to overly weigh down my bag. The sizes vary depending on my bag. I use the Handbag Hero version of Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream in my smaller bags or clutches as reviwed in my November 2015 Favorites.

11. Small Japanese pouch


You need a small pouch to hold all your electronics accessories. I carry my head phones, my iphone cord, my  iphone charger or samsung  cord. I got this handmade pouch as a gift from my Japanese family when I went visiting back in 2007. I need to do a blog post on that wonderful trip. My iphone headphones have their own little pouch.


12. Tissues


Just in case.

13. A Pen


You just never know when a pen’ll come in handy. I don’t carry a notebook because I’m kind of an all around electronic girl so if I need to jot something down the iphone Notes App works in a pinch, if I have more time I’ll use my Evernote app. But sometimes you still need a real world pen :).

14. A Compact


My favorite is the Estee Lauder matte powder for touch ups. I reviewed in my 2015 Beauty Favorites. I use the mirror for applying lip stick and such on the go.

15. Business card holder


My business cards used to get worn and wrinkly if I kept them in my wallet, so I’ve finally picked up a metal business card holder from Amazon and it’s been a life saver. It’s also super light weight and cheap :).

16. A hairbrush

Every girl needs a foldable hair brush in their handbag. Very few of us have naturally disciplined and perfectly coiffed hairdos that stay in place through out the whole day. I’m sure you feel me ladies :).

17. A Nail File


You know by now I’m a nail art aficionado, so I always have my nails done. I can’t stand having a snag in my nails! I’m not super careful with my nails and I do break the tips from time to time, they are long so it usually doesn’t ruin my mani, I just have to file them down a bit. 🙂 A nail file is without fail in my bag!


Real life pic ;)!

So now  I tag you all to participate and create a wonderful and fun chain of What’s in your bag posts! Please link back to this post and to Shopaholicsblog with the following hashtags :#whatsinmybag #danetigress #shopaholicsblog

Here are a few I’m tagging specifically but I hope anyone reading will do it too!

Sangeetha at https://lifestylebites3.wordpress.com/

The touch of a beauty blog

Colorful tears



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18 thoughts on “👛What’s in my bag 👜?

  1. Loved it!💖 I’m loving the idea of a handbag organizer i am forever going on archaeological digs in my handbag such a waste of time ! And i love your Burberry bag i have been saving up to buy a Burberry tote as well 🙂 Thanks for doing this! can’t wait to see who else does this post do tag me peeps would love to see whats in your handbag!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, once you start using one you can’t go back! And if ever the one you find doesn’t work out don’t worry there are many different kinds and you’ll be sure to find a great one. I love the Samorga bag organizer too if you want a more structured look to your bag.
      Thanks for your comment and have a great day!


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