My November Favorites – 2015

November is easily my favorite month of the year because it’s my birthday month but also because it has Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday ! What could be better : a holiday to spend with your loved ones being thankful for the meaningful things in life, a birthday where you get to be queen for a day and the best superficial shopping days of the whole year !

This November was extra special because I was able to go to NYC with friends, see family and catch up with a best friend from 1st grade and a best friend from high school now living in New Zealand !

Along the way, here are a couple products that stood out to me and made it into my monthly favorites.

Trilogy : Handbag Heroes limited edition set



As mentioned above one of my best friends from high school currently living in New Zealand came to visit France and we got to spend a couple days together in Paris. It was wonderful being able to catch up and see her in person – Facebook just isn’t enough !

She was kind enough to bring me products from New Zealand from the Trilogy brand unknown to me. This kit comes with a cute make up pouch with three products the brand is famous for.

The Rose Hip Oil Antioxidant +


This is a certified organic product. I love oils for the hair or the skin, so I was delighted at the opportunity to try it out. The rose scent is not overwhelming which is  perfect for me because I don’t care for products that are too heavily or artificially scented. This feels really soothing and comforting on the skin. I haven’t used it long enough to really give you an in depth review but it really feels like pampering your skin.

The Ultrahydrating Hand cream


If you’ve read a previous favorite post, you know I love hand cream and can never have too many. This one contains rosehip, manuka honey and sweet orange. Again the scent is just right and very pleasant. It penetrates really quickly in the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

Rosehip Oil Lip Balm


This balm contains rosehip, peppermint and cocoa butter. The peppermint gives it a refreshing feeling on the lips without any tingling or unpleasantness (I get sensitive when products are too minty). It is really a mix between the lip balm and  oil consistency and performs very well at hydrating my lips. It’s  a keeper !

Now I guess I’ll just have to go visit New Zealand to stock up !

Inglot : Rainbow Eyeshadow pan in 130


If you’ve followed me on Instagram, you know I’ve been to Lisbon Portugal in October. When ever I’m abroad I always try and pick up some makeup that I can’t find where I’m currently living. So when I stumbled upon the Inglot counter at the This time I brought back an Inglot single shadow but I chose the rainbow double sparkle this time in the color 130. Taupe is one of my all time favorite shades and I strongly believe you can’t have too many eyeshadows in this color. There’s an endless string of variations on taupe and it can be so versatile ! From a soft very neutral vibe to a deep smoky sexiness!

Inglot is a brand you can’t find in Paris and that I discovered on YouTube thanks to Xsparkage. She uses the rainbow eyeshadows a lot too. I got my hands on the regular kind of eyeshadows at the London IMATS 2014, which I will be doing a post on. They are very pigmented and have a crazy array of colors to choose from at a drugstore price! I really recommend you check this brand out.


Biosilk : Silk Therapy


A friend introduced me to this product while I was vacationing in Montenegro with her. She always had great hair and no frizz. I asked her what her secret was and ever since I’ve been using it. It isn’t easy to get your hands on in France but it is possible especially on some flash sale sites like Beatéprivée (kind of like Hautelook), which I can do a post on if you want. I also stoked up on this bad boy in my NYC Drugstore Haul.

Yankee candle : Cinnamon Apple Berry

IMG_9910 (1)

I love candles in the fall and especially during the holiday season. This Yankee candle reminds me of my childhood and has a special place in my hear because it was gifted to me by my cousin from Connecticut. I love cinnamon, I had name my Cabbage Patch Kid doll Cinnamon Cindy when I was six. This scent is perfect when it gets cold outside and you just want to snuggle with a throw on the couch in front of a good TV show or with a good book.

Eyelure : Pre-glued Lashes in 070


I don’t feel the need to wear lashes often because I’m lucky enough to have long if not full lashes. I only pop them on for special occasions. But when I do I like the convenience of these Eyelure pre-glued ones. It save me from the mess of having to deal with lash glue. My favorite glue the Duo Lash Glue doesn’t come with a wand applicator and is sometimes harder to handle especially if it’s only a couple times a year. Theses have glue already applied and actually work really well at adhering to your lashes.

They are also very lightweight which is a big decided factor when I purchase lashes. I don’t want them to weigh my eyelids down or be uncomfortable to wear. They are contact lens friendly for those who wear contact lens and latex free if that is a concern for you. What I love about these are the face they are reusable. I always reuse my lashes as much as possible.

These 070 styles are just right for me by giving my lashes that extra oopmh! without being outlandish or too obvious.

Instructions on the back of the box

Bumble & Bumble : BB Thickening dry spun finishing spray


This spray claims to create instant fullness and hold airy texture. It’s a texturing spray and I find good ones are hard to come by. I like Bumble & Bumble products and have talked about some in my previous September Favorites. This one lives up to the hype. It gives hold without crunchiness which I hate, as it tends to break my hair when that happens. It does provide great body to the hair without leaving a gritty feeling like some volumizing dry shampoos do. I picked it up during the Sephora VIB sale in NYC which I’ll be doing a post on and it has become a staple in my routine. I’ll be buying the full size for sure!

Chewy Chips Ahoy : Real chocolate chip cookies!


One of my cousins from the US came to visit in October and kindly brought another throwback from my childhood : Chewy Chips Ahoy ! I love soft cookies and they are hard to come by in France where all cookies are the hard kind. I’m not saying these are the best gourmet cookies you can find, but they definitely take me back down memory lane and I’ll always have a soft (;)) spot for them (pun intended!). Try microwaving them for extra chewiness!

Dior Lip Glow


This is my Sephora Gold Member or (VIB Rouge) birthday gift. You get to choose which product you wish and you have a 30€ off gift card that you can use towards it. As you know I love lip balm (see previous post) and am always trying out new kinds. A lot of people told me I just had to try this one. So I picked it up during the VIB sale at the beginning of the month and it hasn’t been out of my bag since. I love the fact that on top of moisturizing it also brings out the subtle color of your lips with a pink tinge.


What are your November favorites this year?

9 thoughts on “My November Favorites – 2015

  1. tu as un don d ecrivain postule ds un magazine pour le fun tu m amuses mets tu autant de creme sur tes mains et ailleurs tu dois avoir un labo de produits so nice to see you i am always a little squeeze in my family i am going one step at a time no choice you look so happyand joyfull you are a ray of sunshine keep on trucking that way biiiz mijo

    Madame hoppen



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