Fall Tag


Who doesn’t love Fall ? It’s the beginning of the holiday season one of the most exciting times of the year where we get to have fun, be with loved ones and eat yummy things!

Here is the fall tag that’s been going around. I decided to do after   That’s beauty Kristin and Whimsy Breeze inspired me and tagged their readers to do it.


Favorite Fall Lip Product – Clinique in ‘Black Honey’ this year at least :).

Favorite Fall Nail Polish – Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI, it’s the perfect dark shade without being black (see previous post).

Favorite Fall Starbucks Drink –  As I’m sure you know by now I’m a big fan of the PSL ! (see previous post). But my next favorite is the Chai Tea Latte with low fat milk.

Favorite Fall Candle – Cinnamon Apple Berry from Yankee Candles. I think this is a favorite of many.


Which is your Favorite, Haunted House, Haunted Hayride, or Haunted Corn Maze? – Haunted House hands down ! It can be both creepy or fun and it’s a lot easier to find if you’re living in Europe where finding a haunted hayride or a corn maze can definitely be next to impossible !

Favorite Halloween Movie – Beetle Juice or the Corpse Bride hard to choose, I like quirky fun on Halloween.

Thanksgiving or Halloween – I love them both, but I really have to choose Thanksgiving because it’s all about family and great food. It’s a license to get together and eat into a food comma. My birthday is usually around that time so I get to combine the two and get presents as well !

Best way to spend a rainy day – Going to the movies with friends or just staying in bed with a good book: bingeing on books or Netflix is the way to go !

Football, Yay or Nay? – Yay ! Football isn’t my favorite sport but I love the social side of it, getting together with friends and finger foods. Let’s not forget the Half Time Show or the funny adds.

Favorite thing about Fall – The beginning of the Holiday season : there is Halloween, Thanksgiving, my Birthday, Xmas  just around the corner ! And Mother Nature celebrates right along with us : see the gorgeous leaves.

I tag everyone who reads this post. Happy Fall !

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