Happy New Year Nails !

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. I want to wish you a very Happy New Year ! May 2016 bring you all the joy, success and health to enable you to reach your dreams. Just put your mind to it and you can reach the stars!

I also want to thank all the readers, followers of this new blog, you’ve made 2015 amazing, with your support, likes and kind comments ! The blogging community has to been so welcoming and supportive and I look forward to the new year and all the amazing things we can do together !

Here are some of the New Year Party Nails I’ve been sporting.

Hot Pink & Gold Glitter mani

Here is a great gold glitter mani I wore to a Gold Party in Belgium, and featured in a past  post. I think they are perfect for a New Years Eve party !

IMG_9867 (1)
Hot Pink & Gold Glitter mani

Here is my take on the Winter Frosted Glitter Gradient Nail :

IMG_2304 (1)
Hot Pink & Gold Glitter mani

Products used :

On all my manis :

Check my post on these two mani essentials in my book !

  • OPI : Nail Envy – USA (here) & France (here) (*)
  • Seche Vite : Fast Drying Top Coat – USA (here) & France (here)(*)

1st mani :

  • Dior : Vernis Nail Lacquer for Women, No. 777 Bloom – USA (here) (*)
  • OPI : Glitter Off Peel-Able Base Coat – USA (here) & France (here)(*)
  • OPI nail glitter : Gold Shimmer in P/N 21461

2nd mani :

  • OPI : Glitzerland (Switzerland Collection Fall 2010) – USA (here) & France (here)  (*)
  • Nails Inc Special Effects : Electric Lane Holographic Top Coat  – USA (here) & France (here) (*)
  • OPI nail glitter : Gold Shimmer in P/N 21461

3rd mani :

  • Revlon : 003 Sheer Snowflake Pink – USA (here) & France (here)  (*)
  • OPI : Alpine Snow – USA (here) & France (here)  (*)
  • Sephora Formula X Effects Top Coat : Turbulent – USA (here)  (*) & France (here)
  • Nails Inc Special Effects : Electric Lane Holographic Top Coat – USA (here) & France (here) (*)

What nails are you wearing to your New Year’s Party ?

Happy New Year !

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26 thoughts on “Happy New Year Nails !

  1. I love all your nails! I’ve just started getting mine done again. I have been dealing with health issues for so long and didn’t worry about make-up and the trimmings like I did when I was in the working world. But a friend started me back on it and when my nails are all pretty I feel that way too!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My health problems are an ongoing thing and will not get better, I just work at not letting them get worse (or the better of me). Yes, the pampering helps a lot. My friend is going to dye my hair plum this week! 🙂


        1. Wow plum is a great color. I admire your outlook on your health issues and wish you the best. It’s not an easy thing to keep your spirits on the bright side in these situations. You are really strong!

          Liked by 1 person

        1. i really want to get back in to really doing my nails, i bought so much for them and it’s all just in a box not being touched!


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