My April Favorites 💋 – 2016 💖

Hey Guys !

I don’t have a whole lot of new favorites to share with you this month, but I really love the ones that are shown here.

The Balm of Your Hand limited edition palette


This palette may be limited edition but you can still get hold of it on Amazon which is what I did. I just purchased it at the beginning of the month after I saw a review by EmilyNoel83 from Beauty Broadcast. I might have to do a YouTube made me purchase it post soon, haha don’t you think? I’ve always loved the Balm and own a few of there palettes such as the Nude Tude and the Meat Matte Nude which I should probably review on the blog some time. I thought this palette was  a great way to discover and rediscover some oldies but goodies by the brand all in one neat and compact setting. It containes all of its iconic products accross the board : bronzer, blush, highlight, eyesadows, lipgloss and lip and cheek cream product.

Swatches of the Balm eyeshadows and face powders

This didn’t disappoint and I’ve been using it almost every day since I got it. The bronzer is pretty pigmented so I would advise using a light hand, like wise for the blushes. One is shimmery but not glittery so you can use without looking like a disco-ball (which is not a cute look IMO). Of course Mary Luminizer is a must have in the world of highlighters unless you want a very subtle glow then it might not be for you.

Swatches of Lip and Cheek cream products

I’m not a huge fan of lip & cheek cream products because I usually find these drying on the lips. I mainly use this one as a blush and it works well, but I also like layering it with a powder blush in order to increase the lasting power. I have combination skin so cream products don’t last that long on me without a powder. The color is very pretty though.

All in all it’s  a great palette I would recommend.

Kerastase Resistance hair mask


I just featured this hair mask in my 10 Great Mother’s Day Gift inspirations and I truly love this mask. A lot of masks feel good when on, but once you rinse them off, it seems the benefits go right down the drain as well! This one truly works and has lasting effects on my hair. I think once a week is the right frequency to use it. I also find that with many hair products after you’ve been using them consistently for years your hair will get used to them. I don’t believe they loose their potency. I just switch mine up every 6 months and rotate between a few favorites so when I go back to this mask it works just like it did the first time I tried it. Let me know if you’ve noticed the same thing as me.

Caudalie : Divine Oil – Huile Divine


Some times you just need to get on with your day and moisturizing after your shower can take some precious time depending on the products you use. When I’m in a hurry but still want to treat my skin, the Caudalie dry oil is the perfect solution. You can spray it on quite fast and it instantly absorbs into your body without you having to rub it it for ages. It also doesn’t leave a sticky residue or feeling behind. you can immediately get dressed and out the door ! (well after your makeup routine of course!).

Victoria’s Secret : The Dreamer Henley Pajama

téléchargement (11)

I know it’s spring but the weather in  Paris just didn’t seem to get the memo. This cosy Victoria’s Secret Pajama is so comfy. This comes from my NYC Haul post back in November 2015.

Dior : 5 Colors Designer All in one Artistry Palette (base, 3 eyeshadows, liner) in 508 Nude Pink Design


I purchased this palette during Black Friday craziness and hauled about it. I love how it has everything in one small compact : base, eyeshadows and liner. The dior shadows are pigmented but not over the top so that if you aren’t that comfortable with eyeshadow application, you don’t need to worry about being too heavy handed, you just can’t go wrong. While I typically don’t like the sponge tip applicators that come in palettes one of the double ended one is actually a slanted brush that works fine in a pinch for applying the cream eyeliner.

Rebaca Minkoff Mini 5 Zip Crossbody Bag


This month I’ve been really loving the Rebaca Minkoff 5 Zip Crossbody Bag that I got for Xmas and reviewed here. I usually carry around bigger bags, but from time to time I take a break and enjoy smaller crossbody bags. I love the fact that this one holds more than you would expect and looks dressy with an edge.

What are your April monthly favorites?

Xoxo Danetigress

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Links to my favorites:

  • The Balm of Your Hand limited edition palette (USA) & (France) (*)
  • Kerastase Resistance Force Architecte hair mask (USA) & (France) (*)
  • Caudalie : Divine Oil – Huile Divine (USA) & (France) (*)
  • Victoria’s Secret : The Dreamer Henley Pajama (USA)  (*)
  • Dior : 5 Colors Designer Palette  in 508 Nude Pink Design (USA)  (*)
  • Rebaca Minkoff Mini 5 Zip Crossbody Bag (USA) & (France) (*)
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